This is not your typical about me page.

This about me page is the purpose of why it was created. As I have spent many years in the trucking industry for a large corporation to the mom and pops of the industry I soon realized just what the smaller companies were not getting. That is the information and knowledge necessary to make their transportation not only compliant but successful and profitable.

As I worked for years in the Safety, I found so much money was being spent on things that were getting thrown our direction in order to be in compliance or labor laws and the list goes on. In all actuality most of this stuff was not necessary and the money that was spent could have been put towards other things, such as driver bonus’ or raises or new equipment.

Once I realized just how much money they could save and dropped the budgets, saving thousands of dollars that year, the economy got the best of them and I didn’t have the hours and decided I wanted to share this savings potential with other drivers and companies at a lower cost that could meet any budget.

I wanted the oppurtunity to open doors for smaller companies and independent contractors to get what they needed without paying the high cost of a consultant and someone who could manage not only their safety but other aspects of their business.

The drivers are the backbone of the industry, without them my family would not have the things we need. So my philosophy is just let the drivers drive, and leave the tedious stuff to us, but still keep money in your pocket and focused on the needs of your business.

If you want to know really more about me, visit http://thetruckingva.com/about.htm

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