The feeling of Trucking and the Drivers in the Industry

Its been awhile since I have posted something. I rather missed my blogging friends 🙂 and posting stories that really hit home. I have had several clients and even my own father-in-law whom have been discussing of giving up their DOT numbers because of how complex it has and how the regulation changes are affecting them and their companies. With these changes there is not any money to be made. They say the brokers are getting a large portion of the loads that should be to the drivers.

It is sad to say that we just have a difficult time trying to find the safety conscious drivers with a clean record to work for these company’s and pay them well enough to keep them. But what about the solo drivers that own their own trucks?  They are single owner operators and very small less than 5 truck companies. As I was thinking about this on seeing an all too often pattern lately. I ran across this story.

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