CSA and Commercial Drivers

By now most companies are familiar with what CSA is and how it will affect their company. However, when it comes to commercial drivers they are still unaware of the affects until it is potentially too late.

But not all commercial driver information is CSA related. There are several different areas of the DOT and FMCSA in relation to safety. Be sure that you know what applies to you as a driver and the company you work for. Do not leave the responsibility up to someone else. This can be the downfall of some good drivers. Know who you work for, just as they want to know who is working for them.

When applying to a company do you as driver pull the DOT number and the safety score of the company you are potentially going to work for? If you do, do you know what you are looking at? What are your risks as a driver?

Think about this, you apply to a company and they have a vehicle maintenance percentage on the BASIC score of 96% and a BASIC score of driver fatigue at 83%. What does this potentially do to you as a driver?

First, these high thresholds are opening the door for a DOT audit, which always puts even the best of companies in a tail spin. Second, more frequent roadside stops opening up doors for violations on your own safety score as well as the company.

A company is as good as its drivers and the drivers are only as good as their equipment. If you as a driver are not driving equipment that is properly maintained and may not be safe, you are setting yourself up. Eliminate the risk of your job and your life. Know what to do, and how to protect yourself in all cases.

Here is some information that can potentially save you and your safety score as a driver. Know where to get your information as a commercial driver.

What CSA means for Commercial Drivers!

CSA puts more emphasis on drivers than the previous enforcement model:

  • ALL violations found during roadside inspections count toward carrier and driver safety measurement according to vehicle or driver violation type.
  • •BASIC information/scores are sent to roadside inspectors as a tool in the decision of whether to inspect and what level to inspect a specific CMV
    • –Roadside inspectors see carrier information/scores
    • –Roadside inspectors do not see driver measurement information

Safety Investigators will be able to see the safety performance history of drivers when they are conducting a carrier investigation

  • •This information is not available to carriers
  • •Safety profile includes the entire history of the driver
  • •Safety profile is a tool for investigators to use in sampling and to issue NOCs/NOVs to drivers based on performance
  • •Drivers are not rated (i.e. unfit) under CSA
  • Pre-employment Screening program (PSP)

PSP was mandated by Congress under SAFETEA-LU

  • •PSP is not a part of CSA
  • •“Driver Profiles” from FMCSA’s Driver Information Resource (DIR) are available to carriers through PSP http://www.psp.fmcsa.dot.gov/Pages/default.aspx
  • •Driver Profiles are only released with driver authorization
  • •Drivers are able to obtain their own driver information record
  • •PSP is currently available, access and additional information can be found at www.psp.fmcsa.dot.gov

What can driver do now?

Frequently asked questions http://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/FAQs.aspx

For more information contact us and see how we can help you as a commercial driver and as a company info@thetruckingva.com or visit www.thetruckingva.com

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