Drivers and Hours-of-Service Changes

logbookRecently the HOS regulations changed for over-the-road household carriers, but how much information is truly understood by those drivers who are a passenger carrier? I have not seen most roadside inspectors have not yet baulked at the way the passenger carrier drivers keep their HOS in regards to the 34 restart. But with the pressure on passenger carriers who knows just when that will change.

One of my clients is a passenger carrier in the entertainment coach business and after speaking to their drivers concerning their log audits, it was brought to my attention that they did not realize that passenger carrier drivers do not have the restart and log under the old HOS.

When you look at information concerning the HOS it is hard to understand for the typical layman just how these HOS rules affect each driver depending on the work they do and the operation of their company..

Remember, a passenger carrier driver needs a full 8 days off to recoup the full hours-of-service. Keep track of what your drivers or yourself does in an 8 day period.

Did you realize that depending on what you operation is, determines the HOS rules you fall under. Keep certain criteria in mind as a driver and don’t short yourself in an audit when it comes to the hours-of-service section.

  • Do you run interstate or intrastate?
  • Do you run within a 150 mile radius?
  • Are you a household carrier?
  • Do you haul passengers?
  • Do you know the current hours-of-service regulations based on your operation?

If you need assistance or information concerning your HOS visit today!

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