Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Are you an intrastate carrier of passengers or household goods? Are you looking to build your transportation business across state lines? If so look at what you need to concerning your operating authority and make sure you know that if your transportatioon business needs an mc authority that it can take upto 10 weeks to obtain that authority. If you apply for an operating authority ( not a DOT number) that you need to shut down your operation during the application process for upto 10 weeks.

As a company and working on building your business i don’t know of any company that can shut their operation down for 2 to 3 months. Recently i have worked with a client that was unaware of the process and in their operation within a short time had 2 DOT compliance reviews. During which time neither auditor stated that they needed to stop all operations during what is called the vetting process. In short the operating authority was denied and now they are in the appeals process.

Don’t let yourself and your company lose time and money by not knowing the proper procedures in both your operation and safety and compliance. There are several resources you  can look at to make sure you have what you need. Start with the FMCSA website and frequently asked question . If you have more questions contact us and we can help you answer those questions and assist you in keeping your company running. Http:// your questions here get in the know how in your business.

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