Conflict for Placement of Apportioned Plates and Roadside Inspections

One big problem I have seen with my clients lately is getting roadside inspection violations when it comes to the placement of their apportioned plates. As I googled the information I found that there were more states and more carriers dealing with this issue.

I have taken the time to speak to head of states law enforcement, motor carriers associations and now the contact at IRP (International Rate Plan Inc.) to find out just where to put the assistance needed to help these carriers and drivers to assist in eliminating such a problem.

Since its state regulation for place of the plate on a commercial vehicle and not under Federal regulation, there is not much the FMCSA can do to help in this particular area. Changes need to be made to effectively educate law enforcement and the difference in the placement of apportioned plates and truck drivers.

This problem starts an issue in a roadside inspection and can affect the company and driver safety score.

What I would like is your response on if you have had issues in this area, what states and what you did as an individual or as a company.

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