Commercial Driver CSA Orientation Presentation

Over the past year there has been many articles about new CSA enforcement, but front line drivers have yet to understand the impact on their future.  ABC 3rd Party Testing, has developed an informative presentation describing CSA to your drivers that can be customized for your company and industry.
Guaranteed to positively affect your bottom line, with your safety and the commercial driver!
  • The core areas covered are:
  • Explanation of CSA enforcement on driver and company
  • What are the “Seven Basics”
  • Real life example of how a roadside stop impacts safety score
  • How safety score is multiplied over time (Driver vs. Company)
  • SMS Website with company’s safety score
  • Importance of thorough HOS & DVIR documentation
  • How PSP is used in the hiring process
  • Comprehensive review through Q&A
The CSA driver presentation can be given to your drivers at your location during a consultant visit or through webinar.
This popular CSA driver presentation has been well received at association gatherings, utilities, ready mix and general freight companies.  The above groups said that the presentation would put them ahead of their competition by informed drivers, reduced fines and improved safety scores.
To view an example of what the presentation looks like <Click Here>

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