How do you feel now we…..

So we are now into a few months of CSA and I would like to know what your feeling are concerning how this has effected you as a company or a driver.

I myself have not seen a tremendous difference as far as operations with my clients, however they are more cautious and paying closer attention to detail when it comes to the drivers and vehicles.

This is something that should have been done all along and not just since the FMCSA implemented CSA. Safety should always be on the mind of both a driver and a company. Unfortunately some companies look at the dollar sign rather than the potential risk of its driver or others.

What I mean by this, is a load needs to be in a particular place and the driver tells the dispatch he needs some rest, he has been held up on the receivers dock all morning and the situation goes astray from there. Bad vibes on both side.

First of all the driver doesn’t make money when they get held up at shippers and receivers and neither does the company. Due to regulations there is only so much one can do. How much money is worth being gone from your family for weeks at a time and making 30 cents a mile.

Yes if everything worked like clock work, and you could drive strictly those full driving hours at an average of 650 miles a day (depending one where you drive, based on speed limit) at .30 cents you could make more than $1000.00 week before taxes etc. But most of us in the trucking industry know that it is not possible most of the time.

Give me your thoughts, would love to hear feed back in these particular areas.

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