How can the Trucking Industry Utilize Social Media?

Recently I ran across a post where someone was looking for the reason a carrier or shipper would use social media. I found it to be a rather interesting question, because no matter which direction one might be going in, social media is here to stay.

Many frazzled business owners are asking themselves and others the following questions:

  • What social media outlets are best for my niche?

  • How much time do I need to spend online to be successful?

  • I’m so busy working IN my business – how am I going to Tweet, blog, and spend hours on LinkedIn too?

  • Do people really care whether or not I’m on Facebook?

Sure, managing your social media efforts can seem frustrating and overwhelming at first glance. But fortunately, you don’t have to invest hours and hours posting tweets about what you ate for breakfast, or uploading videos of your cat to YouTube. In fact, you better skip those things.

Instead, approach social media with a plan, and focus on providing and sharing useful information while also interacting with your fans, friends, and followers. If you do that, social media can be an effective and even fun part of your marketing mix.

The trucking industry is going in a lot of different direction in technology, and to think of what social media has already done. Look at what it did for the national news with Arrow trucking drivers, and how benefits were established through facebook etc. How companies or drivers can pull each other in through watching twitter posts on jobs.

There are so many avenues and ways we can utilize social media in our industry you just have to have the right mindset. Technology does not stand still because of fear.

I am so excited to be attending the first ever “Trucking Social Media Event” in October and being able to bring my own knowledge already in the area as well as share what I learn from this event. As “The Trucking VA” I assist in a variety of ways to trucking companies and owner operators and look forward to helping in the area of social media and how I can help you market your business even better and keep others informed about you and what your company can bring to the table.

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