Meet your Safety Requirements under CSA!

The FMCSA new safety measurement system has been designed to help identify those motor carriers with poor safety measures and allow the agency to intervene to help in the fight against non-compliance. Having a plan in place for your DOT compliance should always be of the utmost priority, no matter what size of trucking you have. Many companies are apprehensive about the new safety rating system, and are concerned that the new CSA will make DOT compliance more costly to maintain and difficult to maintain.

Safety measures have been in place for sometime under the FMCSA guidelines, and the point of the CSA is to have some carriers – especially those with poor safety management,  to get those carriers to meet the safety requirements. Those carriers who do have a safety management system in place, have a reason to worry. As time goes on it will become increasingly difficult to stay off the FMCSA’s radar. Under the new CSA’s safety measurement system, motor carriers ratings will be updated still every 30 days and the interventions will be more frequent and wide spread. The best possible way to avoid enforcement action is to maintain each area of compliance in your trucking operation and know how to do it effectively. Know the 7 BASICS of CSA and how each one of these effect your safety rating and what you can do with your drivers and your company to maintain the rating and avoid the high cost of non-compliance that effects your companies bottom line. It may not be necessary to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a safety consultant, but you can get the assistance you need! visit me at and I can help you in areas of your DOT Safety and Compliance.

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