Roadside Inspections and its Affects!

In the process of creating powerpoint presentation for a client and found some very useful information on just how roadside inspections can influence your safety score.


How CSA SMS measurement can affect a company is allowing access via the internet to encourage motor carrier safety, assess a weakness in various safety areas.

SMS will empower carriers and other firms (e.g. shippers, insurers etc.) involved with the motor carrier in the industry to make a safety-based business decision based on and SMS safety score.

Your safety rating  can also be a determining factor for an commercial insurance for a carrier and/or a shipper in using a motor carrier, therefor limiting the motor carrier due to an insufficient safety score. As well the driver scored under the PSP (Pre-employment Screening Program)

Not realizing how important a roadside inspection is or crash data can have negative effects in your trucking business as well as your drivers. By utilizing tools and educating your employees in completing accurate pretrip inspections can also assist in a clean roadside inspection.

For more information on CSA and the effects of roadside inspections and crash data visit:

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