What are your Company’s Trends Recently on Roadside Inspections? (Feedback)

You know as we go full steam ahead with CSA 2010, I myself am noticing a pattern on the vehicles of my clients being pulled in and given violations for Reflective devices and tape and Cargo securement.

Do we as individuals working for companies understand the complexity of just how important the regulations are and how this can affect your company.

I was recently told, “I bought my two trailers less than 3 months ago, they should have the proper reflective tape.” The question was not how new they were, but whether or not you made sure before you began your safety-sensitive function, that that vehicle or unit was in compliance under the regulations of the D.O.T. 

The purpose of being safe and compliant is that you take the responsibility to ensure that you have met what measures you have been given and implement them to the best of your ability. Never assume that something is correct, always make sure of it for yourself and C.Y.A. and we all know the importance of that. Smile 

  • Vehicle Maintenance BASIC — Failure to properly maintain a CMV. Example violations: brakes, lights, and other mechanical defects, and failure to make required repairs. (FMCSR Parts 393 and 396)
  • Cargo-Related BASIC — Failure to properly prevent shifting loads, spilled or dropped cargo, and unsafe handling of hazardous materials on a CMV. Example violations: improper load securement, cargo retention, and hazardous material handling. (FMCSR Parts 392, 393, 397 and applicable DOT HM regulations)

I would like to hear others thought on what your company is or has been experiencing when it comes to the recent trends of your roadside inspections and how you plan to be either retro-active or become pro-active.

2 thoughts on “What are your Company’s Trends Recently on Roadside Inspections? (Feedback)

  1. Hello! I was surprised to learn that my husband is one of the few drivers I see that actually take the time to walk around his rig EVERY time he gets out of it and before getting back in it.

    Sometimes he can’t come home but does have a little time to kill so the boys & I will go meet him just to have time with him…when we take him back to the truck, he and the boys ‘check over the truck’. At first I thought he was just doing it for the boys sake, but he’s teaching them what to look for and if he finds something wrong he writes it up.

    It’s comforting to me to know he’s doing the best he can to keep himself (and others) safe.

    Viki Garrison

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