A Driver reprimand or a Driver Bonus, which would you rather do?

I guess today it seems I have more to say than other days. I commented on a blog post this morning and was amazed on such a quick response since there were so many other posts. It is really nice when you actually have the interaction with someone that is more personal and not an auto-responder. 🙂 @truckerdesiree and it got me thinking.

Taking a look at the trucking industry and the position I am in with my business relative to the trucking industry and helping companies in all areas of their trucking company even administrative tasks, is the companies should understand the value of saving money but the value of their driver.

But the one thing that I have noticed in the forums that I have posted in, seen comments in areas of social media such as facebook, twitter or linkedin,  is the core of what exists in the trucking industry in relation to our drivers.

We are so focused on the compliance side of the companies, and cutting costs and focusing on the CSA 2010. Do we really focus on making the industry better when it comes to our drivers.

A driver gets a roadside inspection they get reprimanded if they are given a violation, or they get reprimanded if their logs are wrong and causes HOS service violations. But what do you do as a company when it comes things that can be implemented to not only help the driver, but will also help the company.

Think about this, you have 1 driver who gets 4 clean inspections, GREAT right. Now you have another driver who get 4 dirty inspections, which results in 3 OOS. So now really you only have 1 good inspection. So how many hours did you lose in revenue because of the OOS. If you offered a $25.00 bonus for each clean inspection with a maximum in a 30 day period $100.00. Then maybe it would juice up the driver to pay better attention and work more on not getting dirty inspections.

Would this be worth it? I think that paying late fees to a receiver or having a driver sit for an additional day waiting to get loaded would be worth that extra bit, that both helps the driver and the company.

If you implement a bonus of any kind it needs to be beneficial to both the company and the driver and when a driver still does not work on his area of his job as a commercial driver and continues to get those dirty inspections, then maybe he needs to find a different employer.

Give me your thoughts in this area, all comments open to opinion and I promise not to bring out the whip. 

One thought on “A Driver reprimand or a Driver Bonus, which would you rather do?

  1. This Used To Be A Great Industry,But The Good Days Are Gone Sorry To Say,Drivers Can Only Do As Much As They Can,But The Bottom Line Is Money,These Insurance Companies,D.O.T. Have All Good Intentions ,But Its All Going Down Hill,The Trucking Companies Point The Finger & Blame On The Driver,Its All About Covering It All Up.The Driver Has No Back Up From The Company He Works For,Each Man To Himself When You Look At It So,Checking On What Color Your Fuel Is,New Regulations On Omissions There You Cannot Win Not The Driver Nor The Companies,No Incentives,Its All Going Down Hill,Its Sad The Last Profession That People Can Turn To,After Loosing Homes and Jobs Elsewhere Do To Jobs Moving Over Seas,They Need To Shut Down & Strike And Stand Together But That Is Far From Happening,I’m Glad I’m Not Driving Anymore How Much Could One Take

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