Don’t Mean to Cuss! Yep I said it “DOT Audit”

Just when you thought you were doing all the right things, and taking all the right measures in your trucking company then you receive the letter from DOT. Your driver Mr. XXX is an unsafe driver and…..

How would you feel if this was you, well its beginning to happen under the new CSA 2010. I recently have done a consulting call with at the time, a potential client who was very nervous about receiving a letter of this magnitude, and did not realize that he had not implemented or understood the importance of certain measure he needed to take in his business.

He hauls a flat bed 53 foot trailer behind a pick up truck, but the measured weight puts him in the category of keeping up all regulations according to the Department of transportation.

As we began our consulting call, it was made apparent the importance of correct logging as he had received an out of service at a port for falsifying his logs. Another area was pre-trip inspections. Except in this case he didn’t even know how to really complete a pre-trip inspection on his unit.

So how valuable is this information in your trucking company? Important enough that you need to know all the regulations that apply and the proper steps necessary to eliminate the chances of a DOT audit.

Yes, I said it the “DOT audit” I apologize for cussing as many us

do not like to hear it, but because of the new ways that CSA 2010 is going to effect your business it is important that you understand how each area of the 7 BASICS work and how the scores can have an impact on your business and your day to day operations of your company.

Recommended Resource for DOT Safety and Compliance resource or any area of your trucking company visit:  “The Trucking Virtual Assistant” Your Project Compliant Specialist 

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