CDL Pre-trip inspection and skills testing!

For a great and steady career and good salary, consider a life long association with commercial truck driving. Trucks move a major part of our goods across the United States and even into Canada and Mexico. A field that is moving in a positive direction, as there is continual efforts to improve the safety procedures in the trucking companies and drivers on the road. The field of truck driving poised for the excellent opportunities for qualified and safe drivers, and steadily growing, unfortunately there is a dearth of qualified and trained drivers. This, in spite of the fact, that the future for drivers, who succeed in the profession, has never been so good. To get started in the trucking industry know what the guidelines are for your state and information for obtaining your cdl.

To obtain your commercial drivers license you first must pass a written test at the DMV, in which you will obtain a temporary CDL permit(which allows you to drive only when accompanied by a license commercial driver, for practicing purposes. then take your basic vehicle control skills test and pre-trip inspection test with either some one from the department of motor vehicles or a third party tester.

If you are looking to drive a combination vehicle, you need to possess a special driver’s license known as a Class A CDL and an understanding of the demands of semi truck driving. An important step and key feature is learning of the operation of the rig itself and taking the necessary testing required by the Department of motor vehicle.

If you are looking for a career in the transportation industry with the opportunity to work locally, a commercial drivers license for the purpose of driving a straight truck may be the right choice for you.

Certain classification for a straight truck operator depends on the GVW of the vehicle, that is necessary for operation of this type of vehicle, typically under a Class B license. Adding a Passenger bus endorsement (P) to your class B license can open other opportunities for you as a possible advancement in your transportation career.

There are some of the additional requirements and the reason for preparing at a higher level for the passenger bus endorsement pre-trip and skills test, so be prepared when you want to obtain your endorsement for a passenger vehicle.

When you obtain the correct endorsement on your commercial drivers license, you can enjoy a more personable relations with the passengers as you take them on a journey driving them to special events, hotels, airports and even college and universities. This endorsement is a “P” endorsement, and obtaining a “S” endorsement for the purpose of driving a school bus, you can be proud of the responsibility you gain from transporting our children. Providing a safe travel to and from school, easing the minds of many parents.

The passenger bus endorsement differs from other pre-trip and skills test in the manner that you need to prepare for this test. For the combination or straight truck test the examiner will guide you through the areas that you need to inspect during the pre-trip, but for the passenger bus test the examiner will only tell you to “ Do the pre-trip as you were trained and let me know when you are finished” unless you work for a larger company you have had no formal training and you have not had a path to follow down to follow through with.

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