A Greater Chance for an Audit!

With CSA 2010, the chances are significantly greater for an interaction with the DOT than ever before. The way that safety and compliance and how the violations are done is are going to have a significant impact on the trucking industry and how companies operate their fleets. Once CSA 2010 is implemented, many companies will need to fix the weakest areas to keep the FMCSA at arms length and the interaction limited.

By creating awareness in the core of your trucking company it is imperative to the compliance and safety in your business., Even though safety awareness has been required under FMCSA and DOT regulations, it still has been limited by some companies and that are flying by the seat of their pants.

Now with CSA 2010, stricter enforcement will take effect and those companies that were just “flying by”, are going to have to change their ways in the safety areas and finding the right resources for implementing these plans.

There is a significant amount of education on CSA 2010 at http://csa2010.fmcsa.dot.gov, but trying to find the time to completely educate yourself and your employees  can be exhausting. Both private and for-hire companies are looking to outsource projects in the safety area that can impact their CSA 2010 safety score.

Making the decision to outsource is never easy, but when you do find that perfect relationship by taking the load off the fleet manager or company owners. There are typically 2 areas that are closely related to the how the CSA 2010 measurement works, that can help in the decision to outsource.

  • Log Auditing
  • The Driver fatigue is a measurement area of the new CSA 2010 BASICS (Behavioral Assessment Safety Improvement Categories. Falsified logs, log violations, not carrying a log book when needed just to name a few.

  • Driver Qualification Files
  • The Driver Fitness BASIC measures the operation of CMV’s by drivers who are unfit to operate due to the lack of training, experience, or medical qualifications.

By looking at the two areas log auditing and driver qualification files the importance of outsourcing comes at a most important time and being proactive in your compliance efforts. Outsourcing the log audit’s the consultant can audit the drivers logs and provide the reports necessary for helping companies identify the drivers that may need additional training and weakness. You can counsel the drivers after the consultant has completed the log audit, and they can advise you on some key steps for areas to focus on for individual drivers that may show a pattern.

Now the Driver Qualification files although the carrier maintains the responsibility for driver performance the consultant can audit the contents of the DQ file for accuracy. One thing to remember just because there is a document in their file does not mean it holds up to being in compliance. So what the consultant will do is maintain the tracking of documents needed, reminders of required document updates and make sure you have everything necessary for content, accuracy and compliance.

ABC 3rd Party DOTdqfiles.com  can provide consultant information regarding both the drivers logs and driver qualification files, as well as other areas in your safety department. To find your partner in keeping your transportation company in compliance before the advent of CSA 2010, get proactive contact ABC 3rd Party DOTdqfiles.com today!

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