Hours of Service “Best Practices” in Fatigue Driving BASICS

logbookIf you don’t know by now your roadside inspections play a big part in your Fatigue Driving are of the CSA 2010 where the hours-of-service violations that are noted on those roadside inspections are used to calculate the driver and carrier performance. To clarify this a bit more, out-of-service and citations do not have a part in the fatigue driving but a different matter all in itself.

Although driver fatigue is an area that is closely monitored now when it comes to the FMCSA and department of transportation it will be put in a stricter enforcement mode come November and the roll out of CSA 2010. 

What goes into the Fatigue Driving BASIC? (Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category) 

If a violation of hours-of-service regulation is noted on a road side inspection, the violation is entered in not only the carriers Fatigued Driving BASIC but the drivers as well. Some examples of violations will be placed in the Fatigued Driving BASIC include:

  • operating a vehicle when fatigued or ill
  • operating you CMV while over your hours-of-service
  • general form and manner violation
  • not providing a log when required
  • falsification of logs or logs not current
  • driving your CMV while being placed out-of-service for HOS violations
  • Not having the previous 7 days on hand
  • Failing to submit logs within 13 days

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