Know the Regulations of staying in Compliance

Transportation DOT and Safety Compliance relative to FMCSA, CSA2010, an the DOT

Know the regulations of staying in compliance under the federally regulated rules. This is probably one of the most important pieces of knowledge in any trucking company. Staying in compliance can mean the trucking companies paying hefty fines and/or keeping their doors open. There are a multitude of things to know under these guidelines. As well as knowing the regulations you also need the knowledge of the documentation under these provisions as well.

As the advent of the CSA 2010 come into play make sure you understand just exactly what your part as an owner of a trucking company, a fleet manager, a safety director and even the drivers responsibility before the implementation of CSA 2010 takes place. ABC 3rd Party is one resource provided in assisting that your company get and stay compliant under the new and old rules and regulations of the DOT.

Under the Safestat safety rating system, trucking companies were and currently are checked within 4 areas:

  • Driver

  • Vehicle

  • Safety Management

  • Accident

The CSA 2010 system will increase to seven areas:

  • Unsafe Driving

  • Fatigued Driving

  • Driver Fitness

  • Controlled Substance and Alcohol

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Improper Loading/Cargo Securement

  • Crash Indicator

Furthermore, two new safety measurement systems will come into play with the CSA 2010: one for carriers (CSMS) and one for drivers (DSMS). Never before were drivers directly measured for safety under the SafeStat system, but now they will be with the implementation of CSA 2010. Keep yourself and your company prepared when CSA 2010 is fully implemented, contact ABC 3rd Party and Online Virtual Office Solutions today!

As you begin your process of implementing to your outsourcing tasks to your “consultant” or“trucking virtual assistant” and the virtual world of transportation, it can be easily understood what services can be provided. Try doing a trial run, most consultants or virtual assistants will provide a trial period, to show what they are capable of under the services provided and agreed upon.

Online Virtual Office Solutions, provides areas of services that we can provide your client. With many resources in all aspects of the transportation industry we want to show you just how you can save time and money outsourcing to a “trucking virtual assistant" as with any business services, you the trucking company want to make sure that the services you are provided are what you expect.

Trucking companies outsource their payroll to a service like an accountant. Someone with skills in the transportation industry will have knowledge in several different areas to assist with your outsourcing needs.

One thing to understand that it could save your trucking company hundreds if not thousands of dollars to outsource your office tasks or safety compliance. This can take the stress off and provide services to your company when you need them, and you can save your business both time and money, because you only pay for these services when you need them without employing a full time staff with down time.

Recommended sites for outsourcing your safety, compliance, and administrative tasks and

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