Spring into your Safety and Compliance

We can safely say that spring is right around the corner and here at ABC 3rd Party Testing we are excited to announce that we are increasing our staff and services to meet the needs of our customers. Now not only do we do skills and pre-trip inspection testing to obtain your commercial drivers license, but now we keep those companies working in compliance. Make sure you call now for CDL testing, as the weather gets warmer our schedule books up quickly.

With the new CSA2010 to kick off this year, and our new members of our staff have more than 10 years experience in the transportation industry. Their specialty is maintaining and auditing Driver logs, DOT driver & vehicle files. They can also help with Prorate and Registration (IRP) as well as other areas in the transportation industry.

Gaining knowledge of CSA 2010 through JJ Keller, we have a thorough understanding on CSA 2010 and what benefits it can bring to your trucking organization. (Email me for a booklet explaining CSA 2010 at cmiller@dotdqfiles.com

Using JJ Keller’s Encompass online program, ABC 3rd Party Testing can now hold, monitor & maintain Driver Logs & DOT files for you and possible other services. When change & information is needed we will contact you to take action on the necessary document needed by your driver. You can forward these documents to us and we will take care of the updates and current information to keep you in compliance with D.O.T regulations.

As with anything JJ Keller is involved with, these online log & files are completely secure and confidential, and meets all requirements set forth by the DOT, and with ABC Third Party Testing you can save both time and money, so let us work for you and make your safety headaches go away.

This service is usually only available to organizations with over 25 drivers. Combining companies like yours, we can offer this same service with competitive pricing. Not only will the files be looked after, but with our new members of our team we can suggest areas that may need improvement & compliance will be given.

Servicing anyone with compliance issues, but scheduled appointments at your facility can be made in the great outlying areas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Contact me at cmiller@dotdqfiles.com so we can discuss a customized quote for your DOT compliance needs.

Enjoy the expectations of SPRING!

Charles Miller

ABC 3rd Party DOT DQ files

ABC 3rd Party CDL testing

Source: Charles Miller ABC 3rd Party Testing Milwaukee Wisconsin

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