April Showers bring More than Flowers for Trucking, the Dreaded Work Zones

Have you heard the old saying that April showers brings May flowers? This may be true, but it is also that time of year when the road crews are out in force, repairing and maintaining roads, causing more work zones and slow driving times for over-the-road drivers. The most common incidents that happen in work zone areas are rear-end collisions, and the fines are doubled in any work zone area.

road construction

When a driver encounters a work zone, there is a limited area in which there maybe no room for error, such as, the lack of shoulders and/or median, lanes reduced in width, or merging lanes, speed regulations, an unfamiliar route due to detours. During this time the of road work there may be highway workers standing or working near traffic along the construction area.

As you driver through construction zones, use common sense and obey the signs and stay alert. Some suggestions that can eliminate an accident for yourself and others in work zone areas.

  • Adhere to the advance warnings of construction zones, which are orange warning signs shaped like a diamond.

  • Merge sooner than right at the flashing arrow sign, giving time to make your merge safely.

  • Leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you, as stated earlier the most common accident in construction areas are rear end collisions.

  • Observe and follow all posted signs, until you have safely exited the work zone area.

Construction will be happening, and you may not have prepared for it on your route, but if you know that there is a new construction area within in your planned route, if possible plan an alternate route to avoid both an accident or a delay.

Commonly enough drivers who get delayed in such work zones try to make up time, by overdoing it either by speeding after the work zones or driving longer than their hours of operation allows. Give yourself time, pay attention and stay calm.

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